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The Future of Giving is Now! We have softly launched our second dApp from the Giveth community of makers, this free, open-source, and decentralized application for peer-to-peer donations you are using right now. 💜 Donations such as yours are our primary source of funding and are deeply appreciated! In the current evolution of Giveth we're building upon firsthand experience gained through developing, maintaining and improving our original flagship dApp (live at For 3+ years, all funding for Giveth has been tracked transparently, securely and accountably here using the full-featured version with DAC’s, Campaigns and Milestones. This new dApp is starting out with a simple purpose: 💜 For Givers: Offer the best experience for anyone looking to donate to a cause, whether with crypto or a credit card. 💜 For Makers: Enable project creators anywhere in the world to start accepting donations in a few minutes, with zero fees and zero censorship. We know that the future is what we make it, and at Giveth everyone is a Giver AND a Maker.. Your questions, suggestions and preferences are needed to guide the team in deciding what features and functionality to build next. Ways to contribute: Donate today and feed the team! Click the “Feedback” button to submit your ideas! Connect with us at so we can welcome you personally to the Future of Giving!
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